Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Blogger stats has informed me I have readers in France, Netherlands, Ukraine, Romania and South Africa! I'm sure whoever you are, you stumbled on this blog by mistake, because I don't know anybody in these countries-but if you're reading this, say hello in the comments! I'd love to know what brought you here :)

I would also love to know why my blog is linked to an LA weight loss site and a business selling Ajwa dates, but that's for a different day. The internet is a mysterious place.


Neshmia said...

Well, I'm not from any of those countries. I'm just from good old Pakistan, from Islamabad. :p
But I'm now a loyal reader of your blog! I came across it when one of the people in my facebook friends list shared one of your posts on facebook. And since then, I've been hooked. :) Your blog is great, and some of your posts are especially amazing. :D
Though I notice you haven't been writing much lately! :| Busy with life and other things, I suppose? If so, not to worry, happens to even the most ardent of bloggers.

Sarah said...

Though I would like to believe I'm from one of those places, I'm not. One of my friends posted the link to one your blog posts on Karachi. I cannot stop reading your blog since then. The issues you raise are not very different from what a few other educated young karachi-ites are raising but there's something about your writing and your choice of words. It just flows! I guess this is what you truly call 'good' writing.

Neshmia said...

Hey, I really enjoy reading your blog. So I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award! :D
But there are certain requirements you must fulfill in order to accept the award. So check out the details on my blog post here:
Thanks. :)